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Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions, selected to hopefully speed up any queries you may have. If however you find your question still unanswered please do not hesitate in contacting us.

  • (Q) Why choose silicone over standard rubber?
    (A) Silicone has a wealth of attributes that are not replicated by any other material. See our Why Silicone? Section for more info.
  • (Q) Do you manufacture hoses for use with fuels?
    (A) Our Profuel® product is a fluoroelastomer lined silicone and is perfect for use with petrol, bio-fuels and the more aggressive bio-diesels. Take a look at the Profuel® product page for more info.
  • (Q) Do you offer hoses for high temperature applications?
    (A) Silflex Turbocharger & CAC (charge air cooled) hoses are manufactured in silicone with an Aramid reinforcing fabric as standard, allowing higher temperature & pressure resistance. Take a look at the product page for more info.
  • (Q) Do you offer a bespoke design service?
    (A) With a specialist design process and everything needed for production under one roof, we are able to cater for a wide range of volume orders from one-off prototypes to mass production. Our in-house production design team, tooling facility and testing laboratory also mean that we are able to offer a highly bespoke service tailored to meet our customers needs. Take a look at the product page for more info.
  • (Q) Do your hoses undergo any testing?
    (A) The Silflex plant houses a purpose built laboratory with almost all of the testing equipment purpose built to Silflex’s exacting standards. Read more about our Testing Lab here. 
  • (Q) Do you offer any other products other than hoses?
    (A) In addition to hoses, we also supply Foams and Sponges, as well as hose specific couplers if requested.
  • (Q) Do you offer hoses for the performance automotive market?
    (A) Our sister company SamcoSport is the Original Performance Silicone Hose brand. Pioneers in the development of direct replacement aftermarket hose kits, SamcoSport has always offered the most comprehensive range of kits and standard parts available in the marketplace. Take a look at their website
  • (Q) Where can I find out more technical information about your products?
    (A) Each product in the product page has a downloadable data sheet like this one. If you require any further information, please use the contact form and we will be happy to assist you.