Extruded Silicone Tubing

Samco high tear strength laboratory tubing has been developed to meet the quality requirements and exacting standards of today’s pharmaceutical and biotechnical industries. In particular to resist extremes of temperature and the high wear rate of the peristaltic pump. Extremely resistant to ozone, UV concentrations and a wide range of chemicals, this tubing contains no sulphur or acid producing extracts to leach into your product. Special bore and wall thicknesses, degrees of hardness, colour and cross sections are available to minimum order. Repetitive cutting and fabrication to tolerance is available to suit your manufacturing needs. Stock range dimensional tolerance to BS3734.


Manufactured using 2,4 dichlorobenzoyl peroxide catalyst specifically for laboratory and medical use (not implant, telephone for information on peroxide free products). Material meets FDA 177.2600, USP XX/XX1, BGA XV and EP VI.1.3.2. Every effort is made to maintain minimum DCBA levels following post cure.

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