Reinforced Silicone Tubing

Siligiene®: A continuously extruded translucent reinforced silicone rubber tubing. Standard reinforcement of glass fibre braiding sandwiched between vulcanised layers of silicone rubber. A working temperature of 220°C is therefore attainable with hot air sterilization to 250°C. Vapour sterilization to 3.8 bar. Every coil is tested to recommended working pressure (Din 20024). Stock bore size range 3.0mm to 25.4mm. Silicone rubber liner material to FDA 177.2600, USP XX/XX1, BGA XV and EP VI.1.3.2 (silicone elastomer for closures and tubing).

Working Pressure

A 200% factor of safety is applied to recommended reinforced tubing working pressures. Working pressures stated are at 20°C, temperatures over 100°C will result in a decrease in working pressure. Higher working pressure and variation in specification to minimum order.

Reinforced Tubing - Products

Grade Options

Silicone compounds can be engineered to suit a particular requirement or specification, for example, limits of temperature, fire resistance/flammability etc. High temperature variants can be engineered to 315°C continuous working.

Variations in colour to BS or RAL spec numbers available to special order (chart available).

Braid, pitch and gauge varied along with silicone thickness to achieve variation in pressure rating.

FDA and WRC approved elastomers. Variations in silicone compound, colour and braid reinforcement to order. Alternatively, over braided nylon, polyester and glass thread for pressure applications when external cleanliness is not required.

General Properties

  • Siligiene® extruded reinforced tubing manufactured using FDA 177.2600, EP VI.1.2.3 and WRC approved elastomer
  • Embedded glass braiding leaving a smooth inner and outer surface to resist material adhesion assuring vital cleanliness in crucial process areas.
  • Repeatedly autoclavable.
  • Translucent for visual flow.
  • Lightweight construction and ultra flexible allowing excellent bend radius without flow impedance.
  • Optional high temperature silicone and glass reinforcement for continuous working temperatures up to 260°C.