Hydrogen Fuel Cell & Hybrid Silicone Hose

The Siligiene® lined silicone hose has been specifically developed to minimise the risk of contamination of the fluid or air carried by the hose from trace level extractable materials found in the conventional silicones e.g. Siloxanes, while still giving all of the service benefits expected from Silflex silicone hoses. So while it is suitable for use in a wide range of chemical fluid/gas transfer applications where the risk of contamination needs to be minimised it also meets the demands of applications ranging from motorsport and high performance bikes & cars through bus, truck and rail industry requirements while also being suitable for use in static generator applications.


A liner of Siligiene® translucent silicone overlaid with plies of silicone reinforced with polyester fabric. The number of plies varying depending on working pressure, bore size and required wall thickness. A galvanised steel wire helix can also be added, buried between the plies so that it is not exposed on either the inside or outside of the hose, for high or negative pressure applications or where improved flexibility is required. Additionally the hoses can be supplied with either convoluted or castellated walls where required.

Turbo Hose

Production Volumes

As a result of our unique manufacturing process we are extremely flexible with production volumes. Silflex has a very diverse range of customers and we understand that each requires an individual silicone hose solution. Many specialist customers require low run and prototype orders however others need high volume mass produced parts. We are a self contained unit capable of offering what other companies cannot, a personally tailored service designed to meet our customers needs.

Design Aid +

Our unique manufacturing process methods allow us to make custom designed hoses including one piece assemblies limiting possible joint failure and therefore leak possibilities, whilst improving flow. Inserts and branches can also be designed into the hose.

Engineering Options

Wire Reinforcement

A wire helix between the plies helps to prevent collapse in negative pressure conditions.

Anti Abrasion Sleeves

Anti Abrasion Sleeves to protect against localised abrasion.

Part Marking

Part marking with Silflex or customer logos and part numbers assists with product identification and traceability.

Specialist Silicones

High temperature, fire retardant silicone to BS 6853. Food & Drug and Water Council approved materials are also available.

Location Marking

Marks can be added to the hose to specify where components are to be placed such as clips helping speed up installation.