Due to a continued investment and drive to ensure state-of-the-art research facilities on site and engineers and technicians with dedicated roles of development, we are able to evaluate new materials and enhance hose operation to meet specific customer requirements. Our service to the customer is designed to provide solutions as well as manufacture existing product at a very high standard. Our development work involves rigorous testing in demanding applications and is why we test in the field by applying the hose to the application it is being designed for, pushing the operating windows and developing much needed feed back on the hose properties.

As we are one of the few Silicone hose manufacturers that put such emphasise on development, we have the resources at hand to react rapidly. Silflex is proud of its reputation for rapid response from design to delivery without compromising on quality.

Our in-house brand, SAMCOSPORT, is a trusted world-leader in aftermarket performance hoses. Its close ties to the pinnacle of motor racing, rally, Superbike and all other forms of motorsport gives us unique access to feedback on the limits of performance that can be achieved with reinforced silicone hose.