Cooling Applications

Silflex Coolant Hoses connect non-fuel components and pipe work in systems designed to operate in a temperature range from -50°C to a maximum of 180°C. Available in a wide range of configurations and dimensions, Silflex Coolant Hose is manufactured from the highest grade silicone rubber formulated specifically for automotive applications. The standard reinforced polyester silicone composite is available to a variable specification to suit individual cooling system applications. Reinforced with heat resistant fabrics, the Silflex range of Standard Coolant Hose is designed to withstand the extreme conditions experienced with contemporary coolant systems; with a proven track record in modern engines. Superb reliability helps reduce maintenance and down time while providing greater engine protection. A high sheen finish is standard with other options available.


Constructed from galvanised spring steel wire (to BS5216 HS3) at a spacing of 2-3 tpi, a wire helix can be added, buried between the plies so that it is not exposed on either the inside or outside of the hose, perfect for high or negative pressure applications or where improved flexibility is required.

Hoses can be supplied with either convoluted or castellated walls where needed. The castellated or convoluted shape allows for more flexibility than standard wire reinforced hose, and the wire helix will allow the hose to perform at negative pressures (not full vacuum).

Depending on working temperature, there are various build options available that allow the hose to function properly between -50ºC and 180ºC.

Silflex Cooling Hose

General Use

Silflex coolant hose has been specifically designed for the demanding requirements of truck, bus and rail applications and meets or exceeds the requirements of SAE J20 R1 Class A. It is primarily designed for use in coolant and heating systems, and is not adversely affected by anti-freeze solutions, although care should be taken when using OAT coolants in certain application. It can however be used in many other applications where the properties of silicone are preferable to those of other rubbers, or where a flexible joint is required between rigid pipes.

Production Volumes

As a result of our unique manufacturing process we are extremely flexible with production volumes. Silflex has a very diverse range of customers and we understand that each requires an individual silicone hose solution. Many specialist customers require low run and prototype orders however others need high volume mass produced parts. We are a self contained unit capable of offering what other companies cannot, a personally tailored service designed to meet our customers needs.

BSI Approved

Silflex is a BSI approved company and holds the ISO 9001:2015 certificate of quality assurance. Silflex is proud to manufacture products that are made to meet or exceed SAE J20 International Automotive Standards.

Standard Parts

Silflex produce a range of standard parts suitable for various coolant applications that are kept in stock. Variations of colour, part marking or specialist linings will require a lead time for production.

Hose elbows are produces to 90°, 45° & 135° bends with reducers to suit diameter changes. Reducers and Couplers enable a smooth flow transition between various components & pipe bore sizes. Silflex coolant hose couplers enable the connection of rigid pipe work to help eliminate vibration, increase flexibility and allow easier assembly and maintenance.

Straight hose lengths provide a flexible link between system pipe work and components. Wire reinforcement & convolutions are also available to avoid kinking due to angles or movement, and can also be manufactured in special materials or formulations.

Engineering Options

Wire Reinforcement

A wire helix between the plies helps to prevent collapse in negative pressure conditions.

Anti Abrasion Sleeves

Anti Abrasion Sleeves to protect against localised abrasion.

Part Marking

Part marking with Silflex or customer logos and part numbers assists with product identification and traceability.

Location Marking

Marks can be added to the hose to specify where components are to be placed such as clips helping speed up installation.