SIlflex CMM Machine

The Silflex plant houses a purpose built laboratory with almost all of the testing equipment purpose built to Silflex’s exacting standards. Testing in-house allows us to lower costs and simulate operation whilst recording and monitoring the hoses dynamic performance in a controlled environment. Reproducing the operating conditions in this way enables us to monitor, test and record the effect of operation has on the hose. This test data is vital in ensuring optimum performance and quality and is why Silflex has such a high reputation for delivering the best. Collated data enables us to ensure appropriate design steps are made when developing a part with highly dynamic operation limits.

Our test facilities also offer potential for new material development and comparative testing. These developments allow us to test and evaluate new materials and make comparisons with existing materials performance. This is essential to ensure new parts being released into the market place have enhanced operating windows and have the required endurance to complete appropriate operation intervals.

Due to the specialist nature of the business the majority of the test equipment is purpose built to exacting specifications identified by Silflex Ltd. The test equipment are required to model operation at an accelerated rate to identify fatigue failures as well as define catastrophic part limitations.

Our test routines include:-


Pulsing with: Cold Air, Hot Air, Hot Water, Dynamometer Testing, High Speed Vibration, Wear Analysis, Burst Testing, Pressure Profiling, Vacuum Testing, Tensile Testing, Leak Testing & Pressure Pulse Dilation analysis.

Many of these applications can be integrated to offer a more dynamic test routine to mimic operation and identify possible areas for further enhancement.


Silflex have one of the most comprehensive research facilities orientated specifically to testing, evaluating and the development of silicone hose in the industry.

As laboratory simulations can not always produce the exact operating environment we also carry out field testing if operation parameters are unknown we have the facilities to test parts in operation.

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