Silflex use only the highest quality silicone in the manufacture of our hoses to ensure dependability and longevity of the products we produce. The basic physical stability of silicone rubber is the result of its unique molecular backbone structure of alternating silicone and oxygen atoms, creating a synthetic elastomer. With the addition of a variety of reinforcing fabrics, our specialist engineers are offered an almost infinite range of design possibilities, coupled with our unique build process it is perfect for complex constructions.


Silicone rubber has a wealth of attributes which make it the ideal choice for hose applications in today’s automobile industry.

Natural Degradation Resistance

Silicone has a high resistance to atmospheric oxygen, ozone, water, sunlight, ultraviolet radiation and also has high electrical insulation properties.

Temperature Resistance

Silflex Silicone hoses can be designed for temperatures of between -50°C to +305°C by correct choice of the silicone and fabric used.

Complex Design

Silicone tube production is rapid procedure with low cost tooling. Our unique manufacturing methods allow us to make custom designed hoses, including one piece assemblies (limiting possible joint failure and therefore leak possibilities) whilst improving flow. Inserts and branches can also be designed into hoses.

Pressure Resistance

Adjustment in fabric layers and thickness allows the optimum design for each application including wire reinforced hoses for negative pressures.