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Anti-Static Hose for Electric Power

Automotive and Commercial industries are collectively looking towards a greener, more sustainable future. Consequently they are looking at greener, more sustainable fuels. Among them – Battery power. This means an enevitable shift away from conventional fossil fuels which we, and other players in the industry have been accomodating for years. 

Anticipating this move, and in partnership with a client, the research and development team at Silflex set about gathering as much information as possible around lithium batteries and their requirements. 

The nature of the Lithium batterys calls for anti-static fuel delivery and cooling systems, so we developed a bespoke anti-static product that is perfect for a variety of possible applications where the static energy passed through other types of hoses would not be suitable.  

Silflex is dedicated to providing bespoke silicone solutions for all applications and we continue to invest time and resources in future technologies. If you or your company are interested in talking to us about our anti-static silicone hose, or any other projects you think we could assist with then please get in touch using the contact form. Alternatively, you can use our Easy Quote + Form.